Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I want to wear summer clothes! Here's a sample of what I've been wearing lately - it sure doesn't feel like summer!

Top - All About Eve (from Alicia)
Cardi - Temt
Jeans - oldies... maybe Rockmans?
Shoes - Rivers (they're new and I do so love them, but they're a bit small)
Hair - daggy/fluffy


Lis said...

Come visit me, im not showing photos lately cos its been togs alot being in the pool and no ones seeing that lol.
Cute outfit love the peek of red shoes from beneath the jeans.

Janelle Wind said...

You look gorgeous Yvette, I love your top and shoes especially. Do you know where your sister got the All about Eve top from? And the rivers shoes are gorgeous!! I totally agree with you on the Summer clothes thing, I want to wear short sleeves with no cardi or jacket on top. I wish it would warm up just a little!! Anyway, you look gorgeous!! xx