Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 29

I made this Santa for Tassy's first Christmas. I made it big so that it would fit her for a few years. I never DREAMED it would fit her for TEN years! She has worn it in every Christmas card photo since she was born. That's a glass bauble on the end (Dave's idea) and it does look beautiful, but it means she can't wear it out and about. It sits on the Christmas shelf looking pretty. :)

I was late taking Tassy's Christmas card photo this year so it's the first time it's had our tree in the background. The baby photo above was taken at Dave's parents house in mid November. Dave's sister wanted a Christmas photo of Tassy to grace the front page of the Christmas Edition of the Canberra Times (she's a photographer). As you can imagine, no one recognised her LOL.

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Charlotte said...

I can't believe the hat still fits! I look forward to your Christmas card each year to see Tassy in the hat! Will it still fit her for a few years to come?