Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Blythe dress

I wanted to show you a little dress I made for a friend recently. I made lots of clothes for Tassy's first Blythe doll before she arrived for Tassy's birthday in May and I don't think I've posted any of them on my blog yet! I'll have to make amends. Tassy has taken lots of photo of them posing. Hmmmm... maybe that could be a blog topic in January. :) Great idea!

Anyway... here's the dress I made recently. I thought it might be a nice Christmassy dress, but suitable for the whole year too. I used some fabric I love from an Op Shop and some of Dianna's vintage trims. Tassy loves it and has put in an order for one the same for her dolls. Ohhh... I think I've actually run out of time to make one before Christmas!


Lea said...

I lobve it! It's very cute and I bet it was well received!

Mardi said...

Ahhh..... its so nice tonight to find the time to pop in to check out what my dear friends have been up to.
I've had a lovely read and catch up..
and I have to say I love the Op shop dress you wore to Daves Christmas was so cheery and festive looking...
Mardi x

Charlotte said...

Imagine if you had your own Blythe doll ;) LOL! I bet you do...eventually!

Sheree said...

That dress is gorgeous Yvette...and it's so beautifully wrapped too. I'd love to see the other dresses you've made!

Sheree xx