Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 6

Isn't this a cute little Santa? There's a candle inside and his hat is the lid. Do candles need lids? I guess if they're meant to look like Santa they do. One of my dear childhood friends, Sharon, gave me this when I was maybe about 10. That makes it vintage hey (ha ha ha, clutching my belly laughing). I saw one recently in an op shop, exactly the same! I picked it up and carried it around the shop for a while but in the end I decided that as much as I love mine, I don't need two. So I put it back. I only ever so slightly regret it. I really don't need two, and this one has all the nostalgia attached to it. He still has a tiny bit of candle left so I will have to light him one evening soon. Shame that it's still light outside when Tassy goes to bed! That makes it hard to drive around looking at Christmas lights too...


Anonymous said...

How very cute he is. It's lovely when the decorations have meaning and memories. I was going through my display with Auntie Di last night and saying who gave me what, or where they had come from. Boy you girls will have a lot of decorations to sort through when I die!!
Love Mum

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Lea said...

lol at Granny's comment! Hahhha! This is cute and I NEVER think of you as vintage:)

Charlotte said...

LOVE IT!! Sweet memory too :)
Hahaha, Mum. It's more than just a lot of decorations to sort through. It will take us WEEKS to go through your sewing room. Though your new furniture and organised set-up will make it heaps easier! LOL!

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