Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 21

Would you like to see Tasmyn's fantabulous Christmas display? I gave her free rein on the table near the front door and here is her beautiful little scene.

This battery operated candle is the decoration Tassy chose to buy recently at The Christmas Barn in Bredbo, with the $5 Granny gave her to spend. Carols by Candlelight anyone?

We bought this mill house in Grafton a few months ago on our big family holiday.

These guys are some of my favourite decorations. I bought them a few years ago in Holy Sheet.

And this tacky plastic present with a light inside that changes colour is one of TASSY's favourite Christmas decorations. I always want to send it to the op shop but she never lets me LOL.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tassy's corner. I think it's wonderful that you gave her free rein over an area, especially right at the front door. It's wonderful that she plays with and interacts with her little display. What whimsical stories she must be imagining with it all.
I think I bought her the lighted plastic present. Don't get rid of it! It does look great in photos!
I love the Mill House and the two little people in the taaaall hats.
Love Mum

Brenda said...

I love Tassy's corner. Everything looks so pretty.

Charlotte said...

Great display Tassy!! It looks fantastic! How cool of Mummy to let you create whatever you wanted, that's awesome! I bet it was fun. You should do it every year!