Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bloggy advent calendar DAY 20

Here's a Christmas ornament I made recently. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration, as always! Here's the one that inspired me. I love that it uses tiny scraps of fabric. I had plenty of tiny scraps of red fabric. I used aquadhere (just cos it was handy) to glue the scraps to a styrofoam ball, and spread aquadhere over the fabric as I went too, just spreading it out with my finger. It was so easy and not messy - I did it sitting on the couch watching TV.


Anonymous said...

I love it Yvette. The modern take on the old 'push the fabric scrap into the polystyrene ball with a nail file'. So much easier, neater and modern, albeit a bit messy., At least aquadhere washes off in water.
Love Mum

Lotti said...

That is a gorgeous decoration, so pretty and looks just beautiful on the tree.