Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Oops - I thought I'd arranged this post beforehand but just realised it was all in my head!

This is a terrible photo taken after a very long day at work. Such a shame you can't see how beautiful my new skirt is! It's such a gorgeous colour. Although I do remind myself a bit of George Costanza in his noisy suit when I move in a quiet place...

Top - Target
Skirt - Faye Brown (from Material Pleasures - second hand clothing store)
Shoes - I Love Billy


Mardi said...

Awww you are adorable....and I love your new 'noisy' skirt..sounds like an awesome store.
Mardi x

Kylie said...

what a gorgeous colour!! love your style for work :0)

Sheree said...

Love the colour of your skirt Yvette...and those shoes are so cute!

Sheree xx