Friday, November 04, 2011

Op Shopping

I had to go to the other side of town this week to pick up our car from the smash repairs (someone backed into me in a car park - no great drama) so I made a day out of it and went to some op shops over that side of town. Check out my haul!

I was thrilled to find this Kenwood Chef bowl for my mum. She got a Kenwood Chef as a wedding present in 1970 and still uses it now. When we were cooking cakes and things as teenagers I vividly remember her always saying "Be careful with that bowl! If you break it I can't replace it!" - every time we'd pick it up to scrape out a cake mixture or wash it up. She was always so worried we'd break it. Well I phoned her and checked the details on the bottom of the bowl and was happy to score it for $15! I didnt realise they had 50% off homewares so it was actually only $7.50!

Isn't this a sweet little plate? $2.50!

I've heard of this Aussie board game but never played it. It's gorgeously retro, hey! $2 (with a little box with the rest of the game too!)

There was a box full of old bakelite gramophone records. I just loved their old sleeves, but when I picked one up I was surprised by how heavy the record was. So I bought two, just cos. $1 each. :)

I always look out for sheet music to use in cards, scrapbooking, other crafty stuff... this one was in poor condition but I LOVED the cover. Isn't it gorgeous!

And a great stack of books. Including some Judy Blume books for Tassy cos I loved reading them when I was about 10 (I think we have about 5 now), and a Trixie Beldon book cos I liked those too. A couple of classics and a 1934 edition of Rilla of Ingleside! Gorgeous. I already have a 1980s copy (my childhood copy) but I couldn't resist this one.


Charlotte said...

Love your haul!!
I see a Pyrex "friendship" bowl there too!
That's awesome about Mum's Kenwood Chef bowl! She was rather chuffed telling us you'd found one! I remember her caution while baking too!
Love the old books. How long does it take for you to go through a Vinnies & find all these gems?

Anonymous said...

Yvette, we have Daddy's old teenage game of Squatter in the cupboard. I can't believe we never played it with you. We have played it in the last 20 years, maybe even 10 years. Maybe we played it with Charlotte. Maybe we can have a game when you come for Christmas.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dad here,
Great buys, yes, the bowl was always a worry. Now we have a spare! 40 years of worrying about nothing!!
Love squatter, its a great game, will play it when we come down. Very good country game.
Love Dad

Charlotte said...

I remember Dad's Squatter game. It's full of tiny little sheep. I never understood how to play it though!

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Good story about the bowl. I was also a Trixie Beldon fan!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I hope you didn't come over to Belco and go op shopping without me?! x
P.S. Brideshead Revisited is one of my favourite books.