Sunday, October 16, 2011

She's crafty

We went to Dave's parents' for lunch last weekend and since Tassy was the only child there she spent her time quietly crafting from Nanny's craft box.

Look at the little bird with eggs in a nest that she made from polystyrene cups and balls. Sooooo cute!

And say hello to Tassy's new Blythe doll! Her name is Mist (aka Kiss Me True) and Tassy saved up for her. Although it wasn't the best lesson in saving up for something... She got such fantastic results in her NAPLAN test that we gave her some cash to put towards her new Blythe doll, then both sets of grandparents did the same. Then when Nanny saw how close she was to the final amount she gave Tassy the final $30. LOL. We'd better get Tassy to save up for something else soon... by herself!


Lis said...

Oh what a cute little birdy!

Lea said...

Oh you got a new Blythe doll. I like the name Mist. I have some new clothes for Nicky. When I come to your house I can bring Nicky and we can make a video.

Car said...

I love KMT, she was my first dolly :) now the BIG question - when are you getting your first Blythe?

Charlotte said...

Are Tassy's Blythes "life partners"? They look awefully close in the last pic. Hahahahahaha!