Monday, October 17, 2011


I am totally addicted to Pinterest and whenever I'm at home I check the website as frequently as I check my emails {that's a lot!}. But hey, I think it's practical cos I have been inspired to DO!

I've made these potatoes.

I made some Christmas decorations based on this pin.

And this cushion was inspired by this pin - but I do love the original SOOOOOO much more.

On holidays I braided Tassy's hair into a heart, inspired by this pin.

And I made some more Christmas ornaments based on this pin.


Sheree said...

Oh Yvette I love YOUR cute decorations and your birdie cusion is so sweet! I can't get enough of pinterest either! LOL

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

LOVE pinterest. LOVE all the things you've been pinspired to make! Tassy's hair was so amazing! And those decorations are just gorgeous!

Lis said...

I share your addiction of Pinterest its just always got more and more I want to see. Love your little ornaments and Tassy's hair looks so good. That cushion oh wow its fabulous!!

Lea said...

oh gosh i love all those things. it's just like you to have made them all too. you are such a do-er. I am more of a gonna-do or a wanta-do.

maybe I had bet to get addicted to pinterest too.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing with the stuff you do! Your ornaments are great adn I love the hair. Moi x