Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Port Macquarie

We spent a few days at Port Macquarie on our way to Coffs Harbour. It was pretty cool weather the first day but Tassy was SO keen to go to the beach. We had breakfast at a lovely cafe then crossed the road to walk on the beach. Since it was cold we weren't dressed for the beach but we let Tassy have a little splash and well... she got a little carried away. She got completely drenched. I only put my feet in but the water was SO cold my feet went numb.

I'd never been to the lighthouse before so I wanted to go for a drive to have a look. We LAUGHED when we saw it. IT'S SO TINY!

Dave and Tassy thought maybe THIS was the lighthouse.

We found this huge lizard outside our apartment. Pretty awesome!


Lis said...

A day at the beach is fun regardless of the weather!

Lea said...

Great photos, we are so happy you are blogging them. Are the camel rides still at Lighthouse Beach? Love your little friend. We had one living in our yard last year-Mr Prickle was his name. We are hoping he'll be back this Summer.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Tassy getting wet! Now you know how hard it was for us to keep her out of the water when she was 3 and ended up with pneumonia!! She loved it then too.
Love Mum

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I would love to buy something from stste, or etsy or whatever it's called.

Charlotte said...

Hehehe! I forgot Port's lighthouse is so small!

Sheree said...

Fantastic holiday pics Yvette!

Sheree xx