Saturday, October 22, 2011

A little project

I found this little table at the Op Shop this week. They had 50% off all furniture and I scored it for the princely sum of..... four dollars!!! I think maybe it was a telephone table, cos it has the skinny little shelf under the drawer that would be the perfect size for an old telephone book. What do you think? I have plans to repaint it and maybe do something cute with the top.

Ha, I just googled and found THIS! Apart from the handle it looks the same!


Sheree said...

What a bargain it! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Sheree xx

Lis said...

How cute,its going to look really cool revamped!

Anonymous said...

Wow...$4 when the Antique store has it for $95. Yes I would definitely say it's a telephone table circa 1960-70's. I LOVE the rubber stoppers on the legs. They are the same as my Nanna had on the end of her walking stick!! It's very exciting for you. Good luck with it.
Love Mum

WV: wheep
When you get something good like that you could just wheep!

Leonie said...

awesome find!!
It would look great with a map on top?? I just saw a blog post where they re did a coffee table with a map on top I want the perfect table and map!

Lea said...

what a great find. can't wait to see it's makeover.