Sunday, October 09, 2011


We went to Floriade on my last day of holidays before going back to work. As usual it was a beautiful rainbow of colour - I love the mass of bulbs. Tulips are my favourite and they were in abundance in so many colours.

They usually have a petting farm and we've missed it for the last few years - for some reason we always get there when it's closed because the animals are having a rest. This year they didn't even have it, but they did have a great reptile display. Big fat snakes, lizards, tortoises and frogs. We were allowed to touch the lizards and tortoises which was cool! There was even a dinosaur!


Lea said...

'I want to go back and live in Canberra' Bella

Lis said...

So much colour lovely, Must say that Tassy's hat is just gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

Wow Floriade is just so beautiful!
Tulips are my fave too. Did you know they grow from the top not the bottom? Do you remember the ones in your Bridesmaid's bouquet from my wedding where they started popping up out of alignment with the other flowers! I was amazed!