Sunday, October 02, 2011


OK. I've decided to join in Blogtoberfest and update my blog every day this month. Wish me luck! I think I can do it! I have plenty of holiday snaps, op shopping adventures and creative stuff to share. Plus it's school holidays so we'll do some fun things.

Blogtoberfest should be fun - you can read more about it here.

So today is officially the first day of school holidays in Canberra (although Tassy recently had two weeks of holidays when we went away, then went back to school for just the last three days of term! LOL). Tassy has been bugging me for a few days to make a "Wolf Girl Tshirt". Wolf Girl is her alter ego. She's writing a Wolf Girl book and casting for her future Wolf Girl movie (ROFL). She's always drawing this same little howling wolf, which I think is pretty cool. So she's been asking when we can make her Wolf Girl Tshirt. I already had some Tshirt transfer paper so today we bought a cheap Tshirt from Target. I scanned her drawing, tidied up it up in Photoshop, printed it onto the transfer paper then ironed it onto the Tshirt. She is totally stoked. I'm a little disappointed that the clear background yellowed under the iron (I followed the instructions!) but I do think it's pretty cool.

So here it is!


Lis said...

Im joining in with blogtoberfest this time too, hopefully will manage it.
Very cute tshirt :)

Lea said...

aaahhhroooooo hello wolf girl. Bella has the same shirt!!!Minus the wolf girl of course. So pleased you are joining in with Blogtoberfest:)

Car said...

blogtoberfest is heaps of fun, thisis my fourth year :D

great shirt and lovely that Tassie has a big dream already :) may she go on to fullfil it in the future :)

Sheree said...

Very clever...and the shirt looks great! I think it's so cool that's she's writing her own book. I'm sure it's going to be great!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Oh Who's going to be in the Wolf Girl movie? I'm interested! LOL!