Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Op Shopping

I was pretty darn stoked with my finds at the Op Shops this week! Obviously someone had cleaned out their granny's old haberdashery stash and I scored!

There were a few bags of buttons. As soon as I picked up the first one and felt how heavy it was I was pretty excited. Lots of gorgeous vintage buttons! Glass, leather, wood and plastic. All these buttons for $10.

Tassy and I have been having fun putting button families together.

There was a bag with oodles of British Snaps. Cute packaging hey.

I love this funky 70s sheet, which has a gorgeous border, and I was excited to find a bag of granny squares. LOVE!

And lots of books to add to my enormous pile waiting to be read.

Russian-English Dictionary - for its pages for scrapbooking etc. But I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to rip it up.

Tangled up in You by Rachel Gibson - cos it had a nice cover :)

Insomnia by Stephen King - cos Kim's mum Peggy recommended it in the latest issue of Etzetera magazine (out now and it's fantastic!) and when I was a teen I read HEAPS of SK books, but not this one.

Rhubarb by Craig Silvey - cos I loved his other book Jasper Jones. I was so excited to find this one!

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden - cos I thought it would be an interesting read (I saw the movie a few years ago).

Russian Fairy Tales - cos I'm curious. Aren't you?

This Present Darkness by Frank E Peretti - cos I read it when I was a teen (in my SK phase - it's a similar style but it's a Christian novel). I don't know if I still have it somewhere but at only $1 it was a no brainer.

And this is a little coincidental... I googled British Snaps cos I'd never heard of them before, and found this blog post by someone who'd bought a bag of them at an op shop, along with vintage buttons, sheets and granny squares. Bizarro!


Charlotte said...

Oh I read This Present Darkness I think. It's from the point of view of Guardian Angels? Good book :)
Great finds!! I LOvE the Briitish Snaps packaging! They'd look great in a frame :)
Cute sheet! All vintage sheets remind me of our caravan curtains. Retro!!

WV: everad
Everad a better day Op Shopping?

Lea said...

FANTASTIC!!! I love the snaps-adorable. and the granny squares are a GREAT find too.

Sheree said...

Wow Yvette...awesome finds! Love those snaps...how cool is that packaging! Love the sheet too!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

I remember those British Snaps. That's how Grandma used to buy them. I wonder if I still have them because looking at your stuff and the Blog of your friend I thinks someones been in MY sewing cupboard. Ooooh Might we get a small bag of vintage buttons for Christmas? When I come to use mine on an article it's a real wrench to have to give one up. Isn't that silly.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

What a score! Love those buttons! I am sure you will do something wonderful with the snaps. And what cool books! I read Memoirs of a Geisha (great) and This Present Darkness. I have the sequel too I think. And I am very keen to borrow your Craig Silvey book (after I finish the other ones you've lent me, LOL)! x Moi