Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Our What I Wore Wednesday posts recently reminded me of this fantastic fundraiser from two years ago. The Uniform Project. If you haven't checked it out before make sure you have a look now! One little black dress, worn every day for a year. Now Sheena is the queen of accessorising. You wouldn't believe how many different looks she got from this one LBD. There's a video here featuring all her outfits and you can see them individually here with more info. She raised over $100K to put 287 underpriviledged kids in India into schools.

Thanks again to my visiting photographer Charlotte.

Top - Forever New
Cardi - Sussan (hand me down from my sister Alicia)
Skirt - Target (handed down too)
Boots - Myer
Necklace - Big W


Lis said...

Very elegant outfit, love the blouse its so soft and pretty, and the necklace is just beautiful :)

Kylie said...

oohhh..what a beautiful necklace!! another wonderful outfit :0) & what a fantastic visit with your jealous you went to Costco!! can't wait for one in Brissey ;0)

Sheree said...

Yvette I love that top and necklace! How beautiful!!!

Sheree xx

Janelle Wind said...

You look like a supermodel Yvette, seriously gorgeous!! I am off to check out the link you shared too, sounds great!! xx Janelle

Mardi said...

My gorgeous Yvette.
That top is just sort of reminds me a little of my grey one....although they really arent alike at Im not sure why lol.
I got a fright when I first opened your post.....for a minute there I thought you had coloured your
(great link)

Car said...

Beautiful outfit this week, I love the colour of your top!

That link is interesting, ssomething to keep in mind when I run out of weeky outfits LOL

Charlotte said...

Oh I remember that project! She WAS amazing!

I love that necklace too. So pretty!

I remember how frozen my feet were on the frosty ground that morning! LOL! My car said it was 5 degrees when I left and when I got back to Sydney it was 25 degrees!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a necklace like that! x Moi