Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staying Home

Last weekend was a quiet one here. The only time I left the house was to put the new rego sticker on the car in the driveway. Dave was gaming and Tassy and I watched movies, did some crafting and reading.

A while ago I found this great site for making pop-up cards. I am a sucker for pop-up books and we have quite a collection, including a few by Robert Sabuda. Here are some cards we made from his website. Tassy and her friend Lucy made the rabbit on Monday - I forgot to take a photo of that but it was much cooler than it looks in the picture on his site. It moves really well.

So we started with an easy one. The castle.

Then we got a little more adventurous with the house.

Then Tassy really wanted to make the cake for my sister's birthday.

And they all fold down totally flat. Aren't they great!!

I also did some.... altering? I can't call it baking cos I had bought these plain frozen lemon curd tarts on special in Woolies a while ago. I had one and it wasn't that good... but lying in bed the other night I had a epiphany (I have epiphanies about very important things). Turn them into mini lemon meringues! I love lemon meringue. I made some meringue just using one egg white and a few tablespoons of caster sugar. Tassy and Lucy didn't like them but I've been happily polishing them off. Yummo!


Lea said...

that looks like fun. home is the best place to be i think. i like your wiww outfit too:)

Lea said...

oh ps thank you to papa for the photo of the little girls. ohhhhh so cute. i wish i could turn back time..just for a day. lulu will be wearing that top this summer.

Mardi said...

How cool are they!! You amd Tassy are so clever....and its wonderful you make time to craft together...x

Sheree said...

Those cards look fantastic and lots of fun Yvette...and your altered lemon meringue pies look delicious!!

Sheree xx