Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She's scrapping like a crazy woman

At almost 9yo Tassy still isn't too old to play with blocks. She has Dave's old blocks and I thought by now they would have been passed on to Tassy's little cousins. But she's still using them! I love the little routine...
* build something fantastic
* call me to have a look, and maybe take a photo
* call Daddy to have a look
* Daddy "accidentally" knocks it down.

It never gets old.

I've used a page from last year's calendar for the background. It was a gorgeous Dick and Jane calendar and I bought it with the intention of using it in scrapbooking. It's a little tricky tho cos the designs are so BIG. See the red spotty paper? It's tissue paper that packaged Tassy's new boots! I loved it. And that ginormous T? I've had that for at least five years! Hooray for finally using it!

This is Tassy and her friend five years ago before they went on stage for their ballet concert. I always loved this photo, even tho it's blurry. And that routine would have to be my favourite from all her concerts. They were little wind-up dolls and they were just the cutest, sweetest things. Tassy's such a character - she totally cracked me up. This is a little 8x8 page. And there's more of that red spotty tissue paper.

I'm constantly thinking of my sister Charlotte who is gonna have a baby in the next few days! So exciting!!!


Lea said...

ooohhh i love both these layouts so much. i especially like the paint on the first one and the photo of tassy peeking thru her building.

Sheree said...

Oooh I love that spotty tissue paper Yvette! Both pages are gorgeous!!!!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

I love it when you turn into a crazy scrapping woman!!
Love the pic and story of Tassy with her blocks....thats so cute....and IM glad you scrapped it...and found a layout home for that 't'
M x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts!!! Moi x