Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bubba and skating

Firstly - I have a new little nephew! Jaimeson Jun Hao Lam was born on 19 May and he is sooooo beautiful. I think he truly is, I don't think I'm biased am I? Charlotte and Jaimeson are both doing fantastically and even tho she's type 1 diabetic the pregnancy, birth and afterwards were all smooth and they went home a day and a half after he was born! She's so brave. After five days in hospital with Tassy I still wasn't ready to go home when the time came!

It's Tassy's birthday next weekend and since she's having her party on her birthday we decided to do our special family activity this weekend. Her chosen birthday activity this year was ice skating (and pretty much every year LOL). Our toes were pretty darn cold and felt like they might snap off, and our cheeks were flushed, but we had a ball! Tassy did the best she's ever done at skating. She still managed to fall over like a dozen times tho. The 80s soundtrack from my youth blasting in the background was a highlight! Rick Astley, Bananarama, Mel & Kim LOL. It was gold. Strangely followed by a completely different genre including Korn, Green Day, Frenzal Rhomb... and Paul Kelly singing "Every F**king city looks the same". Not sure if that was really appropriate considering all the kids who were there!


Charlotte said...

Yay! My sweet boy :)
Don't get me wrong- I probably would have stayed at hospital longer if I could! But I am happy to be home with Willy now :)
Skating looked like FFFUUUUNNNN!

Lea said...

Ohhh hello little peabody. Nice to meet you. You are gorgeous. Lovely lovely news.congrats to everyone.

I just left a message on charlottes blog today not know he was here.

Tash said...

and then there were three.
Congratulations Charlotte - I am so pleased to hear your great news! In on the 19th for induction and out 1.5 days later - what a dream! It sounds like you laboured well and from the look of little Jaimeson, you are your partner Will were made to make babies!
All my love and best wishes, Tash

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Charlotte and Willy! What a beautiful baby boy - he is adorable....
LOVE the name....
How exciting! Love Charlotte P's Mummy x

Sheree said...

Awwww...he really is SO adorable!!!! Congrats to the whole family!!!!

The ice skating looks like so much fun Yvette...great pics!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

How adorable!
And the skating looks fun. :)
Moi xx