Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orderly scrapping

I've been into my scrapbooking supplies this week, gathering together a donation package for the flood victims. See here for more info. It was so good to go through all my supplies and see what I actually have (a few things I'd forgotten!), sort and organise and send a 2.3kg package away. I'm happy to have sent some goodies to a new home and to organise what I do have. I only have a very small storage space for my scrapbooking supplies but it suits me well because I don't like to have too many supplies. And I felt like scrapbooking after going thru all my stuff!

This layout is about our trip to my auntie's farm a few weeks ago. We had such a lovely time there.

This one I did on Wednesday. I'd actually been lamenting about not feeling like scrapbooking because I didn't have anything to say - journalling is usually my inspiration. Then Tassy turned on her music and it came to me. Here's the journalling... "It always makes me smile when you go into your room and turn on your CD player. It reminds me of a teen, but then I peek in and see you playing with all your little toys." She's still my little girl. :)

I tried something new on this one - painting over some lace cardstock to remove the colour and just have a little texture. I love how it turned out but then I ended up covering most of it up, lol. I'll have to try it again soon.


Sheree said...

Fabulous pages as always Yvette! Love the painted lace paper...looks great!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Love your idea of painting over cardstock and the layout looks fabulous - the red and yellow looks great!
Moi x