Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Aunty Vicki's farm

My Aunty and Uncle have a sheep farm about 1hr 15mins away from us and it's terrible that they've been there for eight years and we've never visited till today! We invited ourselves and brought lunch as a sweetener - luckily they were happy to have us! My cousin and her family were there too. We had such a great time. I asked so many questions about farm life and Aunty Vicki has so many funny stories.

On the way there we passed pretty close to the awesome wind turbines near Lake George. We pass them every time we drive to Sydney but see them from a distance, from the other side of Lake George. I always think they're so cool and they appeal to both my greenie and engineering sides. :) There are 86 turbines all up! My Aunty and Uncle have one on their property too - not as big as these Mamas tho!

Now some photos at the farm! Tassy held a chook and collected lots of eggs. We brought home two dozen eggs including a double yolker - Tassy's first, which is very exciting, lol. Yes I am just as excited about the double yolker. SAD!

This is Aunty Vicki on her quad bike with two of her working dogs, Clancy and Biggles. They were amazing dogs - so obedient and they love Aunty Vicki so much and want to please her all the time.

We found a lone lamb who'd been separated from his mama. The dogs rounded it up, caught it and pinned it down till Aunty Vicki could come and collect it. Then we all got nice and close to have lots of cuddles. Oh I love little lambs so much! They're my favourite animal and I could have easily brought him home. Even if he was a bit dirty.


This is why the lambs keep getting separated from their mothers. With all the rain we've had the grass is SO LONG! I had to wait for a shorter patch to snap this photo cos mostly you couldn't see the sheep at all!
How funny are these guys! They're all male alpacas. These are the unlucky ones - their lucky friend is getting his rocks off with the girls in the next paddock. They're really protective of the sheep and lambs, to the point of the dogs even being afraid of them. I think they wanted us to know they were watching our every move so we'd better be kind to the little lamb.

And of course skimming stones on the dam. It's a bit hard to skim with big rocks but they had a good time trying.

And so ends our day on the farm. And we loved it!


Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled that you finally got to visit the farm and enjoyed it as much as we do when we visit. How fantastic that Tassy was thrilled with the simple things, like holding a chook and collecting eggs, things I grew up with as a child. So glad that you got to hold a lamb too. New life is such an amazing thing.
The alpacas are really fun aren't they. So aloof and disdaining.
I love all your photos and want to see more.
Love Mum

WV: ferbotte
I forbotte to bring my books.

Anonymous said...

A great day, a lovely little story on the blog. We always have a lovely time there too.

You will sleep well tonight.

Love Dad

Sheree said...

What a fun way to spend the day Yvette! That little lamb is just SO cute!!! Love all your photos!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Wow, what an awesome day! Looks like you had heaps of fun :) I haven't been there yet either and would love to visit them :)
The alpacas are hillarious! "I see you, don't make any sudden moves". LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eevie!
Your blog is fantastic and inspirational! Where do you find the time to scrapbook, cross-stitch, sew, visit farms, blog and be a such a fabulous mum and wife? You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Reading the word 'paddock' reminds me how when Matt first came to the farm (where Mum and Dad still live!) he kept talking about the 'fields'. LOL!!! I paid him out big time (still do!).