Monday, December 13, 2010

My red tree

Oh I love my tree! For the first time I didn't put EVERYTHING on the tree. Only my red decorations. But of course the tree looked a bit bare so I had to buy more red decorations. :D he he...

The tree looks much better than this in real life. I am no good at photographing it!

My very clever mum made me these decorations. I love handmade decorations.

I love this one that the lovely Janelle made me.


Sheree said...

Your tree is beautiful Yvette and I LOVE the handmade decorations!!!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Wow, beautiful tree! It's such a big tree! What a shame you HAD to buy more decorations. LOL!

Lea said...

It looks lovely. I love your Christmasy stuff. When we put our tree up we looked over the little photo book ornament you gave Bella-do you remember?? She laughted at the photos of her and Tassy- so little.

Anonymous said...

Yvette, your 'red' tree looks fabulous. I love it. I am so pleased I am represented on your tree. How special.
I have a new tree and have only put up minimal decorations, but find I'm missing the appearance of some of my special things. I get so attached to them.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2 days time.
Love Mum