Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A mischievous elf

Tassy received a very special little parcel today! This is an elf sent from Santa to evaluate Tassy for the naughty or nice list. Apparently this elf is pretty cheeky and gets up to some mischief. No mischief has been had as yet BUT the elf has eaten some things Tassy had put on a plate for her. Three separate times! How exciting. I wonder if she will get up to any mischief while Tassy is asleep tonight! (Actually, she's already hiding under Tassy's school clothes!)

We had to name the elf. I was pretty sure he was a boy called Digby but Tassy informs me that I'm wrong. She's actually a girl named Serena. Personally, I think I'm right but I call him Serena to humour her. I hope he doesn't mind. The dog answers to Kipps.

Have you read Melissa Goodsell's blog? Tamar (of Tarisota) is guest blogger there and you can read all about the elves there! Thanks so much Tamar!!!


Mel said...

What a darling photo :)
I have to say how much I adore your blog banner too, totally gorgeous Yvette.

Sonia said...

HOW CUTE.....another army of elves are being prepared by santa now....will be ready for dispatch shortly

Sheree said...

That is SO cute Yvette!

Sheree xx