Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Two little shares

Just two things to share today.

Firstly a card for my niece Sienna's first birthday. I never buy cards, I always make them, but I never love what I make. But I do love this one so it's going on my blog. :) I thought I was pretty clever sewing these sequins together. It wasn't easy! I ended up using a glue stick to stick them to paper, then sewing them together and ripping away the paper. It worked pretty well! I always like to add a monogram to cards too. I have heaps of leftover odd letters (don't we all!) so it's a great way to use them. And it's always nice to get a card that's a little personalised.

And this is for Sienna's big brother Cooper's album. Did you know you must use five pegs to hang a baby's singlet?

Darn those fuzzy rub-ons are hard to apply!


Charlotte said...

Wow, that is a beautiful card, the sequins are gorgeous! And man they sound hard to apply! LOL!

Did you paste a pattern piece over the basic grey paper on Cooper's page? It looks really cool!

Sheree said...

Yvette that card of yours is just so pretty! Your layout is fantastic too...love that background!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Gorgeous Yvette, yep, those fuzzy rub-ons are not much fun!

Charlotte said...

Hello?? Have you gone on holidays? Where are all your posts??!

WV: musties
You simply musties post some more things before I get more bored!

Lea said...

lovely lovely! i still have some unopened fuzzy rubons from years ago. don't like my chance of getting them to work...do you think they have a use by date??!!!:)
ps thank you for the goodies in the post. thank you for your little letter, made me feel even crappier that i didn't pop a note in with the pattern last week.lol. made my day when bella passed it over. thank you.