Friday, November 19, 2010

A busy week

Yes Charlotte, you're right. Ten days between posts is too long. Now I'm recitifying it with a plethora of photos. We have had a very busy week this week (I don't even remember last week!). Tassy had her dance concert, my parents came to stay, and we all took the day off to celebrate Dave's birthday.

Tassy's class dressed as Minnie Mouse for their Jazz routine "Minnie's Boutique". They also had Minnie Mouse ears which we didn't have when I took these pics. Tassy had the BEST time on stage. Dave and I had huge grins the whole time she was on stage cos she was having so much fun and she was so good! Sooo much improved. It's only taken her seven years but I think she's finally getting it, lol. If she didn't love it so much we wouldn't have persisted this long. All the grandparents were there and we had a great night watching all the routines. Although Dave would have been happy for an excuse to leave straight after Tassy's routine. I'm sure he wasn't the only one!

We had one lovely day with mum and dad and went to Lanyon Homestead for a wander and lunch. And took lots of photos. :)

And they were very impressed with how well Tassy can play now!

Lastly we celebrated Dave's birthday! As per our family tradition we all had the day off and spent it together shopping, lunching and carouselling.

Family - check out the name of my horse!

Dave had requested a computer cake. Here is our lame attempt which looks even sadder after the m&ms colour ran into the ganache! But boy tasted good. It's my killer Mississippi Mud Cake recipe. Enough to give you a coronary just reading the list of ingredients.


Charlotte said...

hehehe, I love the computer cake! Are the M&Ms on the screen "space invaders?"
It looks like you had a fab time with Mum and Dad too, Lanyon is such a pretty place, and a great backdrop for photos!
I can't believe Tassy has been dancing for 7 years! Did she start in your womb??! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think the cake is cool! Happy Birthday Dave!!!
Glad Tassy's concert went well!
I am missing you Eevee. Moi xx

Lea said...

Happy Bithday Dave! Tassy looks adorable and I can't wait to hear her play. Bella said 'i wish we could go to Lanyon Homestead' and then... 'I wished Tassy lived here'
Thanks for a lovely update. I was wondering what has been keeping you busy:)

Sheree said...

Lots of fab pics Yvette! You've had a lot of fun stuff going on lately! Tassy looked adorable in her Minnie outfit...and that computer cake is very cool!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

You a such a nerd Dave ;-)
Amy xo