Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Model trains

We went to a Model Train expo recently - an annual fundraising event for a local special school. My dad used to have some model trains. I wonder if he still has them. I only remember him setting them up on very rare occasions, but I used to think they were awesome. I just love the miniature buildings. I think I would love to create a little model village for a train to travel through!

The highlight was definitely going for a ride on a not-so-tiny model train. It was even a REAL steam engine! Between rides they had to refill the furnace with iddy-biddy coal and water. So cute!!

Tassy used her pocket money to buy a teeny tiny N Scale car for 50c. She was STOKED! I don't think I'd seen N Scale trains before. They were sooooooooo tiny!!


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see that you are supporting Malkara!
Hey there's a model train exhibition at Junee, at the Roundhouse museum, next time you're Lea's way. :)
My brother in law drives (is it drives?) an historical steam train in Mildura. They call him the 'hot' driver, because all of the others are 80!!!

Charlotte said...

Yes Dad still has them! I used to play with them with Chris next door all the time, I loved them so much! I have even bought him some buildings to build in his retirement, but I think he has been too busy travelling to build them. LOL!!
Looks like a fun day!

Sheree said...

Wow Yvette...my Riley would be in train lover's heaven in that place! Sounds like you had a fun day!

Sheree xx

Felicity said...

That is so cool!! Cant wait to do these things with my kids! :-)