Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lamington cupcakes

Tassy and I made Lamington Cupcakes using this recipe. There's a whole block of butter in it and 4 eggs, so they're lovely and moist. They're delish! It's hard to stop at one...

Tassy made the cupcakes into a face... can you make it out? Hair appears to have been inspired by Pippi Longstocking.

I was itching to do some scrapbooking cos it's been a few weeks... I can't say I was terribly inspired, but once I started on this one it fell into place in no time. I love that! And I love how it turned out! And I'm stoked I fit so many photos onto one layout! I loved doing Tassy's hair when she was a little girl. What would I have done if I had a boy! Now that her hair is down to her waist I can't do so many "cute" hairstyles. She LOVES her long hair and wants to grow it even longer. I think waist length is long enough!


Charlotte said...

Ok, you just combined 2 of my fave things:
1. Cupcakes
2. Lamingtons
Oh how I love lamingtons! They are so simple, yet soooo delicious. :)
Awe look at cute little Tassy! I love all the tiny pics on this page, it's great!

WV: direat
You can eat as many cupcakes as you like, you don't need to direat. Do you think there will be any left in a week when I visit??!

Lea said...

I will dfinately be making those for B. Ohhh it is so hard having all the fatty stuff at our place. I love the lo and all the pics of Tassy-I remember all those little do's very well. Bella went 'awwww' when she looked at those pics of little Tassy.

Sheree said...

YUM!!! Those lamington cupcakes look so delicious! I really love that layout to's so CUTE! You've inspired me to do one for Madi too...I'll have to dig out some pics!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Ohh I love the Pippi longstockings inspired lamington cupcake looks D-Licious!!
Gorgeous layout to Yvette..Im such a fan of comparison type layouts...
Mardi xx

karlyn Jackson said...

I'll be stealing that lamington recipe for sure Yvette. I've been wanting to make them with the kids for ages.

Cherie said...


The layout is just gorgeous Yvette, love all the photo of Tassy just beautiful and as a mum of 3 girls I know all about hairstyles!!!

Have a great week
Cherie x

Felicity said...

Tassy looks SO grown up! She is getting so big. I just LOVE the page about her hair styles. I cant wait to be able to do Sienna's hair!! Maybe by her 1st birthday it will be long enough and strong/thick enough to hold something in it!! In the mean time I'm loving the crochet beanies and headbands!!