Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary

My parents were married 40 years ago.

I am so lucky to be part of this family. So lucky. We are so close... so lucky to have each other. I just wish I lived closer to them.

When my parents got married they didn't really want to have any children, and here they are with four children and four grandchildren (and counting). Yesterday we all met at a winery in Bowral for lunch to celebrate, along with Dad's sister and BIL, and Dad's Aunt and Uncle. This was the first time the four grandchildren have been together so that made it even more special.


Charlotte said...

I wished you lived closer too!!

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad! I had a fantastic time at lunch. it was such a beautiful place & great company!!

Anonymous said...

We also had a wonderful weekend. It is very special for us when we all get together. Centennial Winery was a lovely place for us all to meet and what a superb lunch. We had a lovely stay at The Links in Bowral. Dad was thrilled to have the Topgear Team stay overnight and park their Mercedes, Datsun and Audi at the front of the Hotel for him to have a close look and get some photos.
We are so thrilled that you are all our girls and are all so beautiful and loving to us. Thankyou girls. Love mum

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comments Yvette, and Charlotte too. We had such a lovely time for our anniversary made special by all our girls.
Love dad

Sheree said...

Happy Anniversary to your Mum & Dad! My parents celebrated their 40th a couple of months ago too. :) Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together!

Sheree xx