Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Letter

Every year I write a letter to Tassy for her birthday and pop it into her birthday card and record it in a layout too (here's last years). Wow eight... I can't believe she's there already!

You can click on the pic to see a bigger version if you want to read aaaaaaaaall that journalling!


Felicity said...

That's so beautiful! I'm so glad you do that for her. I need to do that for my 2! Sienna's not there yet so thats good but with cooper I'll have to piece together my little thoughts written down to make a letter. I did one for his 1st birthday but his 2nd was a bit of a blur with a 3 month old!!
Tassy will cherish hers I'm sure!! It's such a beautiful thing you've done for her! LOL at the Goth style... She's only 8!!! What's she going to be like at 14!!!

Sheree said...

It's such a lovely thing to do Yvette and Tassy will always treasure these letters. Love it!

Sheree xx

LisaW said...

I still remember your Dad coming into work and letting us know he was a proud. I can't believe Tas is 8 already!!