Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mum's prayer

Mum wrote a prayer for Charlotte and Will's wedding. It was so beautiful, I asked her for a copy and I recorded it here for Charlotte and Will. This is for you Charlotte. :)


Sheree said...

Wow...absolutely beautiful! This page will surely be a treasured addition to their album Yvette. :)

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Thats just beautiful Yvette....what a treasure...and how lovely of your Mum...its so special...
Mardi x

Charlotte said...

Oh it is beautiful! THANK YOU!!
I am so happy to have your pages in my album :) and especially such a touching one as this! I love the pic you chose too! I love the black, white and kraft colours also. How did you print the writing on such a big page?!

WV: wriciu
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