Friday, January 22, 2010

Surprise Visits

When my sister Felicity surprised us by visiting us at mum and dad's on Christmas Eve, it got me thinking about all the surprise visits my family have had over the years. I wrote down as many as I could remember but I'm sure I probably missed some. I hate living hours away from my family, but I guess if we lived in the same town then surprise visits wouldn't be quite so special! Click on the layout to read my journalling. :)


Charlotte said...

Hahahaha, I love the LO! I love "My peeps!" so cute! And that woodgrain paper is awesome :)

I remember one night when I lived at Brodie St with A and F and there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door and there was Mum and Dad! I simply shut the door again and sat back on the lounge! Alicia said "Who was it?" i replied "Mum and Dad", "What?!" she cried! LOL! I did open the door again to much hugs and cries! Dad was working in Sydney and so Mum had caught the plane with him but they hadn't told us! They just hoped we had some lounge space free :)

Remember when Mum and Dad were coming back from Europe and Mum was sad that they were catching the airport bus instead of us being there to meet them and A,F and I surprised them at arrivals! Mum burst into tears (not that that's unusual.. LOL!) and they were so happy to see us! We only had about 40mins with them til the bus driver finally decided it was time to leave. He stalled a bit for us which I thought was lovely! It was only a 40min visit, but it sure was a surprise!

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Lea said...

I love everything about this lo, the design, the great products you have pulled together and most of all the journalling. ps sorry we missed your call last week.

Lea said...

ps i really enjoyed charlottes post-i mean comment too:) i love the way charlotte writes on her blog too.

Sheree said...

Love your journalling Yvette! What a great topic to scrap!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

You've been a busy blogger! Love this layout and I love the whole surprise visit concept!!! I think I might try and do one myself!