Sunday, January 17, 2010

School Holidays

Boy we love school holidays! We've been having such a lovely time. Dave and I are both back at work now, but we both work part time so one of us is always at home with Tassy. I know we're sooooo lucky to have this arrangement. We've been catching up with friends, going to swimming lessons, going shopping and hanging out at home doing scrapbooking, craft, watching movies, playing boardgames, reading. It's the best. :)

I put Tassy's hair in four braids the other day and it looked amazing when I took out the braids. How cool is this hair! Tassy said over and over that she LOVED it.

And I've been doing more scrapbooking! I'm stoked that I have done six layouts already this year! So I'll have a few more to share in the next few days. This one's about Tassy learning piano this year and having two piano concerts. She was amazing! I seriously can't believe how good she is. She has overtaken kids who've been learning for twice as long as she has. I made a pocket on the layout to hold the programs from the concerts


Sheree said...

Wow Yvette! Tassy's hair looks so pretty like that! Gorgeous layout too...sounds like she's a natural on that piano!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Well I am happy to say I saw both Tassy's hair and your layout IRL!!! Loved to have the time with you both.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and Dave and your devotion to parenting - raising Tassy is your most important job and see how much you are enjoying doing that very privileged job. She is a credit to you both and I am so glad she is doing so well at piano and look at her other skills for a 7 year old. Keep up the great job. aaj

Charlotte said...

Awesome hair! I remember we always loved having our hair done in rags or braids! So cool :)
I love the page too! I love the "Cloud" effect you made by cutting that blue card, it's great!

WV: actac
When the Air Con goes on a rampage: ACtac.

OxygenBurglar said...

Yvette is a retard.