Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More layouts!

YAY I am on a roll with this scrapbooking stuff!

First one is about a question I get asked a lot. I don't mind so much, but Dave HATES it. You can read my journalling by clicking on the layout. Funnily enough I wrote the journalling for this one morning last week and within a few hours I was asked the question again! And this one makes me laugh. Tassy and her friend Lucy were dancing to the Crazy Frog outside Tassy's bedroom window. The window is tinted so you get a great reflection and can't see inside. I took advantage of that and was secretly snapping away inside her bedroom while they danced and posed. Twas mucho funny.


Sheree said...

Wow Yvette! You really ARE on a roll! I really love that first layout...so beautiful..and that photo is gorgeous! The second one is so funny...just look at their very cool dance poses! LOL Both fantastic layouts ... can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)

Sheree xx

Lea said...

ooh I loved that first page. Thanks for sharing a part of your soul-that's what it's about I think. I had tear when I read your journalling because I know how much you would love another child. You are beautiful mummy to Tassy and she is one very lucky little girl. You have a special bond with one another. Leax

Mardi said...

You're beautiful Yvette.... what more can I say....
Much love Me xxxxxxxxxx
oh...and youre also uber talented...and an amazing Mummy...(typical me...cant ever stop at short and sweet...lol)

Moira said...

OMG I *LOVE* that photo of you, Tassy and Dave!
I wish I could wave my magic wand over Dave's head. You are a wonderful Mum to Tassy.
P.S. Love the secret squirrel photos!