Saturday, January 30, 2010

All glittery

Tassy and I went a little glitter crazy recently. Before I went to bed one night I had an idea to glitter some clear buttons i had in my stash, so straight after breakfast the next morning Tassy and I got glittery. But once we got started we couldn't stop and we were soon glittering buttons, chipboard, brads, bookplates... Nothing was safe! This opal-ie glitter is definitely my favourite.
And this red one is so vibrant and beautiful.I have heaps of different coloured glitters from my stamping/cardmaking days so we used every colour in my possession! Then I created this layout using a few glitteries.


Charlotte said...

Fantastic Idea!! I love that you began glittering everything that wasn't tied down :) that's the spirit!
What a great way to give old supplies a new life, I'm inspired now!!

WV: sylot
One of my work friend's partners is Vietnamese and pronounces my name "sylot"! LOL!

Moira said...

They look fab!
Your layout looks awesome, too. Love what you journalled. :) She's a sweetheart!

Sheree said...

Such a pretty, girly layout Yvette...and your glittery embellies look gorgeous!

Sheree xx

Mardi said...

Love the glitter.... what a great idea.... just loved your surprise visits layout too....the journaling was beautiful...xx

Lea said...

i am really enjoying your journalling lately. i like how you have put the lace border behind the cs.