Tuesday, December 01, 2009

T shirt transfers

I've "made" some Christmas presents for Tassy and my niece and nephew - personalised Tshirts. The design is printed onto Tshirt transfer paper then ironed onto a Tshirt.

Everyone loves a personalised gift! I'm offering to make these transfers to order for $4 each (postage is free). You will receive the transfer and some instructions for ironing onto a Tshirt (or baby romper!). The transfer is approx 7cm x 7cm. If you're interested please email me eeveeadams@hotmail.com and we can discuss the details.


Mel Nunn said...

How adorable! What great christmas pressies :)

Charlotte said...

Wow, these are awesome!! What a great gift for a new baby too, so cute!!

WV: dipund
remember that icecream company "Dipund dots"? (Dippin Dots actually, that one was LAME!!)

Lea said...

I would LOVE to order one of these. Could it please say Lucia since 2009 and if possible could the colours please be kind of a snowpea green and a coral/watermelon kind of colour?? I think you are very clever. I bought some of these transfers back in August. They are still in the box! No surprise there tho:(