Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's officially Christmas!

I just love Christmas books - especially ones with Victorian style artwork, and especially interactive books. Luckily I have a child - good excuse to keep buying more. :) My favourite in our collection is The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Lee Krutop.
It's got beautiful artwork, pop-up elements and some little "toys" that you can take out of santa sack and put in the stocking hanging from the mantle. And of course the beautiful poem that I love.

I've just discovered some absolutely beautiful books online by Chuck Fischer. They instantly became needful things so I let my fingers do the walking and found them at the best price here. I have just ordered three of his books! Not sure if they'll arrive by Christmas. Here's hoping! This is one of the book I've ordered and you HAVE to check out the youtube video!
Tassy is going to LOVE these books!

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Sheree said...

Those books look beautiful Yvette! I've been collecting Christmas books for the kids too...I'd like to end up with 24 so we can read a different story each night in the lead up to Christmas day.

Will have to check out your links!

Sheree xx