Monday, October 12, 2009

School Holidays Part 3

Tassy went back to school today. She's still in her winter uniform cos it's still cold here! Hello sun? Where are you?

We finally made it to Floriade on saturday, the day before it closed! And it was coooold! Tassy was cold in what I dressed her in so Dave gave her his Favourite Shirt. Yes, capital letters cos that's it's name. eg "Where Favourite Shirt?" and "Don't you ever throw Favourite Shirt away!". It's a well loved, well worn ugly old used-to-be-black shirt. In fact, this one is actually "Son of Favourite Shirt". Unfortunately the original Favourite Shirt still lives on... sigh... Back to Floriade, and that shirt, which I tried to avoid capturing in the photos of Tassy, lol.I swooned when I saw these silk lanterns. They were so beautiful and bright.
Flap those piddly little wings swan jr! The sleeping signet (what do you call a teen signet?) reminded me of Big Bird from Sesame Street. Remember how he sleeps, with his beak nuzzled into his feather? This guy kept trying to dig his bill further into his feathers.
Now THAT is a ferris wheel! It's gotta be twice as tall as the one that's usually at Floriade. It was HUGE and fun! Although when it was time to unload the gondolas, all the stopping and starting made the gondolas swing back and forth, back and forth... I'm getting a little queezy just thinking about it again...
grrrrr... that ugly shirt...
Then the sun came out just in time for us to leave.Lastly, some crafty things Tassy and I made over the holidays... We went a little crazy making owl bookmarks. Tassy made one entirely herself and I was very impressed!Yesterday we went to my friend Olivia's (hi Olivia!) for a day of crafting and we had four ladies and four kids making owls! They were a big hit!

My sister Charlotte recently made this sock owl which I LOVED and I was DYING to make one of my own! I wuv him!! Isn't he beautiful. He keeps trying to tell me his name is Eric, but no! Sorry Eric, your name is Harry! Hawoe Hawwy! And that's about it for our holidays!


Sheree said...

OMG that little owl is just the cutest Yvette! I HAVE to get that pattern! LOL Those bookmarks are pretty cute too.

Wow those Floriade pics are just beautiful!! Would love to get there one day.

Is it really only 24 days to go til the retreat!? Exciting!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

I typed a whole thing and I lost it. Boo!!

I think Eric wont let you change his name, don't fight it!! Embrace the Eric!!

Floriade looks beautiful! Tassy looks SO grown up, especially with her beautiful long hair :)

WV: Oadin
Maybe I'll call the next Owl Oadin

Moira said...

How cute is that owl!

I liked seeing your Floriade pics. We didn't go this year.

When you scrap the photos, add a layer to Dave and Tassy, convert to black and white, and just erase the flowers - KWIM? That way you won't notice the shirt. ;)

Moira said...

BTW, you could just leave the pic as is and scrap the story about the shirt!!!

I am definitely going to have to give the owls a go.

Lea said...

hi Yvette! thanks for your call yesterday. I heard the girls read stories to each other over the phone. things are going along okay, a bit hectic but okay. i have been trying to get to the computer but it has been way down on my (mental) list of priorities. lol. this is turning into an email rather than a blog comment! i love all your crafty goodness. i have that sock owl at my house too. karlyn got me the pattern at the recent craft and stitches show. will chat soon. Leax
ps bleva-bleva me i have been thinking about getting back to you:)

Christine said...

Yvette! That little owl is just the sweetest! Love your Floriade pics, they are gorgeous.

Thanks for your lovely comments too :)