Tuesday, October 06, 2009


That's how many clocks I've had to change! I still have a few to do actually. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE Daylight Savings! Yippee!!!

We're half way thru the second week of the school holidays. My niece Lara came over the other day and I got this cute photo of Tassy and Lara drawing together. Lara had to sit jammed up against Tassy. So funny. Tassy and I went a little elf crazy. Actually, it was pretty much just me. Tassy was keen to stuff them but when the time came she had something better to do, lol.

We have had SO much rain recently! We haven't been able to go to Floriade because it's been raining the past two weekends. This weekend will be the last week so hopefully the weather will be suitable. I love the rain tho, and my garden is looking lush and very happy! Look what I found in our garden! I LOVE tulips and don't even remember planting this! Which means I must have planted it years ago and it's never flowered until now! Today there was a break in the rain so we ducked out to a local homestead to take photos of my friend who's 31 weeks pregnant and we got some lovely shots. I don't think she'd be thrilled about me posting any here tho, sorry! But we had a lovely day.

No scrapping but I'll share a card I made for my sister Charlotte and Will's engagement. I have a lot of trouble with cards but I really like this one. Can you see the japanese book paper? How COOL is that! I love it. Charlotte bought the book in Japan and gave me a few sheets.


Sheree said...

What a gorgeous card Yvette! Love that Japanese paper!!! Those little elves really are cute too!

Enjoy whats left of your holidays!!!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card!
And OMG - the elves are breeding!!! What have they been doing! LOL!
I adore tulips too. We have three red ones in our garden. I just took a photo the other day.

Moira said...

Woops, that was me. I didn't sign in.

Sarah Rickard said...

Cute pic of Tassy and Lara drawing :-) The card is lovely and the elves are just gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

I LOVE the card!! I laughed when I opened the envelope and saw the Japanese paper, didn't I only JUST give that to you!! And you've used it already... man you are such an inspiration to me!!
Oh, I LOVE the elves too! I hope one sneaks into my Christmas present and comes and joins Pete the Owl and my Babushka doll!!

WV: Snessan
I'm still sick and snessan a lot this morning!!