Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Holidays Part 1

Our school holiday started this week. Tassy and I like to make a list of things we'd like to do in the holidays. This time we were a bit lazy and didn't write it down, so it's just a mental list. We were planning on going to Floriade on the weekend with Dave, but the weather was MISERABLE!! Definitely not Floriade weather! Really cold, really windy and wet. I think Floriade would have been like a ghost town! Of course the days either side of the weekend have been beautiful! We're planning on going this coming weekend now.

We made these little elves yesterday, inspired by some I saw online. Aren't they cute! Tassy's is the blue and green one with the pink ribbon. I did the sewing but she did everything else with her elf - chose the fabrics and ribbon, hair colour, gave directions and stuffed it. Her name is India. We had to name the others too, L-R Amber, Merrily, India and Summer. :) Oops, I accidentally did Summer's eyes upside down... so she's having a nap.
Amber is my favourite...We made these meringues. Dave called them air cookies cos they're hollow. Not bad tho and very easy!

Tassy's played with her dollshouse book which we just LOVE. We bought it here. Wow they've marked the price down again and now it's SO cheap (shame about the postage). It's just a shame that the floors don't sit flat. It's sooooo beautiful tho.Tassy made this layout while I did a sample for one of Kim's upcoming online classes. Sorry, the photo is pretty blurry! She loves to decorate her photos in Photoshop using decorative brushes, and I love her journalling.
I made this yellow pompom flower for Tassy's room using the instructions here . I love it and want to make more! I'm going to make some for my friend's upcoming baby shower soon too.I'll update with some more holiday fun again soon!

And today is your last day to book into the retreat!!! You can book in here. I'm so excited - only about 5 weeks to go!!!!! :D


Sheree said...

Looks like both you and Tassy have been very busy lately making all sorts of things! Those elves are very cute...Tassy's done a great job on her layout... and that big yellow pom pom looks fantastic!!!

OMG...the retreat is getting so close!!!! Can't wait!!!

Sheree xx

Sarah Rickard said...

Sounds like you and Tassy have been having a great time :-) I absolutely love the Elves - have you considered making more and selling them ?

Sarah xx

Charlotte said...

Is that green spotty fabric from Japan?!! Its gorgeous made into a cute elf! I love them, Mum's sale?? I love their cool elf hair :)
The pom pom is way cool! i have seen them to buy on etsy, are they easy to make? I actually have the Martha Stewart Wedding mag they're in too, Alicia bought it in the US for me!!

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Don't have a hessi fit. (said in a Kiwi Accent)

Lea said...

What a lovely post. Your softies are so cute. Maybe you could add some kind of rattle inside for your new niece/nephew. The dollhouse looks lovely too. We are just starting our hols. Can't wait to see you soon. ooh i just read the other comments, yes make some for Granny's sale.

Charlotte said...

Hey I meant to say I love your Engagement card, THANK YOU!!
I don't know why you say you can't make cards, it's so beautiful and is like owning a tiny version of one of your scrap pages! LOVE IT!

:) C

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I think your card was Fancy Lancy.