Friday, September 25, 2009

A couple of things...

My sister Charlotte gave me Tassy's belated birthday present on the weekend. It contained teeny tiny barbies, teeny tiny puppies and fabric paints! Tassy proclaimed it to be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! I selected one of her old tops for her to decorate. I love her very original design! My favourite is the little bird at the bottom left. And the slogan "No rules" was copied from her friend Lucy's top (not really something she'd come up with by herself!).I haven't scrapped much lately, cos I've been working on things for the @Home|Away retreat, but I managed this layout this week. These photos are from our big family holiday in Hawaii when I was 17. We spent 5 days with our Alaskan relatives, including Aunty Dot who celebrated her 78th birthday with us. She is now 97 and still travelling around the world! She came to Australia only last year - she's pretty amazing!I have some 7 Gypsies unmounted seals (stamps) for sale on ebay at the moment. I bought them to go with my 7 Gypsies self inking stamp, but alas, they don't fit!! So if you have a 7 Gypsies stamp which takes seals like the black one in the images below (not like the white one), please put in a bid! They are useless to me! Here they are on ebay.


Sheree said...

I bet Tassy had a ball decorating that shirt Yvette! She's done a great job!

Gorgeous layout as always. I just love how you put it all together like that. :)

The retreat's gonna be here in no time. Yippee!!!

Sheree xx

Moira said...

Love the layout! Love multi-photo layouts, despite the fact I am scrapping lots of single photo layouts lately! (I think that points to my need to get some of my photos processed, LOL).
Can you not use the stamps anyway by mounting them to something? I'll have a look and see what I have that might fit. Best wishes with the eBay in the meantime!

Christine said...

Love her t-shirt! And your LO is fantastic, I can't believe how many photos you fit on there!

Charlotte said...

I'm so glad she loved the present!! Even though it was FOREVER LATE!!! I'm glad Tassy doesn't hold a grudge!! LOL. I love what she did with the shirt, awesome style!!

I love the LO too!! I see some Japanese Masking tape there :) cool! Look how little I am tucked under your arm in the family pic. And now it's like we're the same age! How funny it is once you grow up... :)

WV: haracena
I can't find Jane anywhere.. haracena?

Charlotte said...

Wv: disne

No brainer.