Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This week's efforts in all their brightness

I think all toddlers have done this haven't they? No, don't sit on the side!! My sister Charlotte took the photos. She's a typical scrapbooker - take photos first, run to toddler's assistance second.
Tassy drew this picture when she was 3½ years old and gave me a running commentary as she was drawing. I wrote it all down, and have had this stuff floating around for nearly four years now. I really just wanted to get it all on a layout and file it away in her album. CHECK! YAY!


Moira said...

I heart your boy layouts!
And well done on scrapping the old pic.

Christine said...

Wow, I love that one with Tassy's drawing. I'm like you, I have so many things written down with photos or drawings to go with them, knowing that one day I will sit down and scrap them! I love her drawing, what a great imagination she had!

LEA said...

love them both! you are such a clever girl!

Sheree said...

Whoopsie! They've all done it haven't they...seems that being a kid means you have to fall out of the washing basket at least once! LOL Love how you've scrapped those pics... very striking.

Love that you've scrapped Tassy's drawing after so long! Looks great!

Sheree xx