Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scrapping old photos

How cuuuuuute is my dad! I think he would have been about 3 in this photo. Just check out his gorgeous outfit - the baker boy hat (I LOVE those!), the knitted jumper with soldiers on it, his beautiful little shoes. It must be winter but he's wearing short pants. Well that was the custom for little boys wasn't it! I just think he looks so cute. The house under construction is their family home that my Poppy built and my grandparents lived there until their deaths. I can even tell what rooms are what, judging by the windows openings in the frames. How cool. :)This is my sister Alicia and I when we were about 3 and 5. I vividly remember yellow raincoats and rainhats. They always had our names written on the inside in black texta and I remember the feel of the plasticy stuff they were made from. I think I even remember little holes under the arms so you didn't sweat! lolI'm thinking of Mum and my sister Charlotte today who are at the Stitches & Craft Show in Sydney. I wish I was there with them!!!


Megan W said...

Love these LOs Yvette, you are so cleaver, i always love your use of product and colours, its awesome.
i remember those raqin coats too, mine didnt have any sweat protectors though ripped off;)
I really love the Lo of your dad how cool is that that you can *see* where the photo is taken and can vividly remember the house, i can remember my pops house like that too, fond memories :)

Sheree said...

What a fantastic old pic of your Dad Yvette! He was a little cutie.
Oh those raincoats... I remember them! LOL Love all the colour you've used on that layout.
Both are gorgeous as always Yvette!

Sheree xx

Charlotte said...

Oh I LOVE that pic of Dad, he was so cute! The outfit is just adorable. The colours you have chosen for this LO are perfect, as always!
I see you've already used some new papers from your 2peas order! Fabulous! Love the yellow paper to match the yellow raincoats :)

WV: dectary
Where Christmas decorations should be kept, just like you keep books in a library.

Moira said...

These look wonderful! I love the way you scrapped the one of your Dad!
Love all the colours in the raincoats layout too.
Thanks for lunch yesty, and for the goodies. :) O was very impressed with your layout too and I must admit there's a few details I noticed which I didn't see online. Thank you so much!

Christine said...

These are fantastic! I especially love that one of your dad, what a precious photo, you've done such a beautiful job with it

Lea said...

yeah both cute layouts with a cool mish mash of products. i love the pics too. ohhh those raincoats. you are so good scrapping the old pics too:)hope you have had a great weekend!