Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's gone!

At the ripe old of age of seven (yes, SEVEN!) Tassy finally lost her first tooth! It had been a tiny bit wobbly for two weeks. Today she was playing the piano, had an elastic headband in her mouth, it got caught on the slightly loose tooth and yoinked it out! She came to find us, holding the tooth and we went into the bathroom. I think she was pretty shocked that it had come out... Well there was quite a bit of blood cos it wasn't quite ready to come out and when she saw all the blood, well... she... "went a little bit psycho" (her latest catchphrase). We stopped the bleeding, finally calmed her down and now she is SUPER excited about losing her tooth. She keeps heading back to the bathroom to have a look in the mirror, and talking about showing her new smile to all her friends.I think it's interesting that Tassy got her first tooth quite early - at five months. So she has had her baby teeth for a very long time! I think that's a good thing tho.


Moira said...

Congratulations Tassy!
Remember to leave a treat for the tooth fairy. ;)
Roisin just lost one of her top front teeth last week!

Charlotte said...

Happy First Lost Tooth!!
I hope the Tooth Fairy leaves you 20c Tassy (has it gone up for inflation? It's probably $2 now!)
I bet the others follow the trend and start jumping out soon too!

WV: Noddec
Tassy Noddec her head and the tooth yanked out!

LEA said...

oh yipee at last! i love your little gap. your new smile looks lovely:)

Janelle Wind said...

It is always SO exciting to lose your first tooth. And Tassy is not alone in losing hers late. Emily cut her first tooth at 5 1/2 months and I think she was 7 when she lost her first one too! She also used to go psycho when she saw all the blood. Fun times and exciting to wait for the tooth fairy to visit too. Congratulations Tassy x Janelle

Sheree said...

Well I certainly hope the tooth fairy made a visit last night! Yay Tassy!

Sheree xx

LEA said...

I am very glad you lost your first tooth now we have both lost a tooth. love bella