Wednesday, February 18, 2009


One thing I love about scrapbooking is journalling. To me it's just as important as the photo. My favourite layouts are the ones with meaningful journalling. What really inspired me to create these two layouts was the need to write...

This one is a letter to Tassy about how happy I am that she's not like me as a child - painfully shy. She is the complete opposite and I'm so proud of that! I know some of it is just who she is, but I like to think that some of it is my influence - I have tried really hard to hide my shy side and I can be a pretty good actress. :) I love the colours in this one - fresh and soothing. And look, I used a really old Heidi Swapp flower! I haven't used one of those for soooo long and I have oodles of them!This one is about Tassy climbing on our couch. It drove me absolutely crazy but recently mum smiled and said "oh she's always loved doing that, ever since she was little". Since we were just about to sell our couch I thought I'd better quickly snap some photos and record the story, since we've already been drilling into her that she won't be able to climb on our new couch! Not that we let her climb on our old one!

The photos got a bit lost on the spotty paper so I used some large rub-ons to create a background for the photos and I love how it turned out.


KimA said...

I agree Yvette - the journalling is so important and it what I love when I go back and look at layouts

Moi said...

Love that orange border and all that journalling!
Great to see you today.

Charlotte said...

Love the LO's as usual!! I love how much you journalled on the top one.. I think it is important to have lots of journalling, I've had to adapt my handwriting to be really skinny to fit more in!! Lol. I didn't know you were so painfully shy, I just thought you were shy as a kid. You certainly don't seem that way now! :)
The bottom LO is so funny too :) I hope she wont jump on the new ones!

WV: inger- I've got one of those (used to be) awesome savings accounts which makes me an ING-er!

Christine said...

Yep, the journalling is so much of what it's all about for me too. Funny, I just blogged about this myself, how I didn't do enough of it when I started. Love both of your layouts, Tassy is so photogenic!

Sheree said...

Ahhhh yes... jumping on the couch... every day I'm telling my 3 not to jump on the couch! LOL Gorgeous layouts as always Yvette!

Sheree xx

Felicity said...

They are fantastic LO's. I agree that journalling is very important. Tassy will cherish it all when she gets older. Aren't we funny... I hope Cooper gets Matt's confidence for the same reasons!!
I remember Tassy running ALL OVER the couch!!