Sunday, February 15, 2009

Designing Memories March Kit

The Designing Memories March Kit has just been released. I think my favourite things in this kit were the red Chatterbox flocked paper and the red Rub-on letters. Maybe I'm just really into red at the moment!

This was our recent trip to the miniature village of Cockington Green on new years day. It's oh so gorgeous!Here's a close up to show you the foil print on the background paper, and the flocked Chatterbox paper.Can you see that the background paper has glitter on the spots? Yeah, a bit hard to see here... I tried to do something a little different with this one to show the versatility of the kit. I added some blue and pink paint and instead of rubbing on the red rub-ons, I kept them on the backing paper and stapled them to the layout. So they look pink! I thought I was pretty clever {brushing off my shoulders with pride}.This one's to show you the foil paper (I used it with a scallop border punch) and the chipboard which I've painted then sprinkled with crystal glitter while the paint is still wet. One of my favourite techniques! Check out the gallery to see Kristine's work too!


Niella said...

SWOON! these are F A B layouts!!

I love all the lil' bits & pieces you use:)

INSPIRING Yvette..totally!

Charlotte said...

I love Cockington Green! I remember going there when I was about 10 or so, I thought it was so wonderful! It must be about time I took Will there ;)
The blue stripey paper is so cool and shiney up close, I love it! I also love that you left the rub-ons on the paper in the 3rd LO! Genious!! {tiny round of applause}.

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