Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tassy's birthday minibook

Ahh... this week it's just Tassy and me. It's so nice to just stay home to plan our own day. I've had lots of tidying up and sorting out to do and I hate that hanging over my head. I love to accomplish something! And to do some scrapbooking! Today Tassy and I scrapbooked together. I forgot to photograph her work (um mah, I think she's offended!) so I'll share it tomorrow. I love how she totally wants to do her own thing and isn't one little bit interested in copying me or taking my advice. lol More on that tomorrow.

This is what I did this morning. Mum gave me this 2008 chipboard album last year and I always had plans for scrapping Tassy's birthday party, just kept putting it off for some reason. Maybe I couldn't face painting or paper-covering those numbers. So today, I just diLdn't! And I like it bare. Why didn't I think of that earlier! I used just scraps for this album. I love using up scraps!Can you guess the theme she chose for her birthday party?
I was pretty proud of myself for all the Hello Kitties I worked into the party. :)
Tomorrow is our third day in a row of staying home. I love that! Then I'm off to work the following day. I asked Tassy what she wants to do tomorrow. "More scrapbooking!". YAY! Pity she's so quick. She did two layouts in less than half the time it took me to do this album.


LEA said...

oh i love the little mini book. now you have to do one every year! bella scrapped a page on the weekend of her and tassy. its on my blog:) so tassy can see it.

Anonymous said...

this is very cute! great work :)

Anonymous said...

I have those board books and NEVER thought of leaving it bare - it looks fab. Today I scrapped with Jami Georgia and Emma and they did some really cool work, must photograph it for you. Georgia is the most talented and Emma is very careful. We had a great day 42C rather be scrapping in air-con than swimming in their pool and cooking. Hit the pool at 2.30pm when the clouds rolled in.... aj