Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 28

I love all things to do with Christmas - carols, the tree, food, music and movies, decorations, and clothing! I like to dress Tassy and I in red and about a year ago I bought myself these sparkly thongs in Kmart for $2! They were the only ones and just happened to be in my size (read BIG!) so I HAD to buy them. And only a few weeks ago I thought hey, they'd be great for Christmas! I'd never even worn them till this month.

I think I might add two more photos for this one later, for the outfits I mention in the journalling. Just don't have photos yet. I'm glad I'm continuing with this album till the end of the month. It gives me an opportunity to include some things I hadn't managed to fit into the album yet! Like festive clothes, the tree (still to come) and maybe Christmas lights, but I'm not sure if we'll get to go again. We went a week ago but it was raining and I only took two photos which are terrible. And one of the only bummers about Daylight Savings is that it doesn't get dark here till 8:30pm and Tassy's bedtime is 7:30pm so it's not ideal. We only have a few days before lights come down so I hope we get to go!

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