Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 27

Tassy and I went to one our favourite places nearby - Lanyon Homestead, with our friends Catherine and Huntah. We had our usual milkshake and too-die-for chocolate macadamia brownie. :) Tassy and I were sharing but she decided she didn't really like the brownie so I polished it off myself... he he he. It was SO hot when we got there but within half an hour it had cooled down, then it started to thunder and by the time we left (2 hours later) it was starting to rain. Just as we got home it bucketed down. It was eerie being there in that weather!


Charlotte said...

Imagine how eerie it would have been to be at Lanyon in stormy weather when Lanyon was in it's hay day and miles away from any other houses! How isolated would you feel!
:) I'm still loving the book!
I'm totally going to do the Christmas book when I have kids, but I don't do enough interesting things at the moment!

Tam said...

This album is gorgeous Yvette! You have done so well to keep it going...Hope you had a lovely christmas, and have a great New Year!