Monday, September 22, 2008

My weekend

But first - a little giveaway! Here's a pic of the journalling spots I'm giving away. You just need to leave a comment on this blog post and you'll be in the running! I'll choose a winner on Wednesday night at 8pm my time. So you have till then to leave a message! You might notice some new ones in the mix. I now have some kraft journalling spots and some colour sets, containing lots of different sized journalling spots. The kraft ones are already in my etsy store and I'm just about to add the colour sets!I had a wonderful weekend with Charlotte here! We spent most of our time scrapbooking but also managed to make these cute but fiddly little morsels! They are so cute. OK - here's what they're SUPPOSED to look like lol. Yeah, they're supposed to look like baby cupcakes. :) I've been wanting to make them for ages so I'm glad that's out of my system now! I might make them in another year or two.... lolTassy couldn't wait for the chocolate to harden. :) She was the BEST little girl on the weekend! She was so happy just to go with the flow, scrap with us, play on her own nearby, or play on the computer. She was soooooo wonderful! She loves to hang out with the girls. :)Catherine came over for dinner on Saturday night and here we are enjoying our little bakerella cupcakes.I'll be back to show you some of our scrapbooking from the weekend in my next post! Thanks SO much for coming Charlotte!! (following photo courtesy of Tasmyn)


Lis said...

oh those mini cupcakes are adoreable, you should post the recipe!

Belinda Venables said...

How yum do those cupcakes look - very cute!

You know how much I love your journaling spots Yvette. I am addicted to

I LOVE the kraft ones too - they are yummy! I am off to scrap and use mine...:D


kayla renee macaulay said...

those mini cupcakes are sooo cute!!!

and i love your journalling spots...they are adorable.


Tammy James said...

You girls look like you had a fun weekend

Little Miss Lucy said...

The cupcakes look very cute!
It looks like you girls had a great time. I love the new jouraling spots...they are used lots in my scrapping :)
Have a fabulous week
Lucy xx

kerry said...

I love the journalling spots.Great cupcakes too they look yummy.Take care Kerry xx

Niella said...

ooooohhhh mmmmmm!!! those lil' mini cupcakes are sooo cute and easy to shove down LOL!! no calories at all b/c they are so mini:):):)

Definately share the recipe phhhlease Yvette!!!

Did someone say Kraft? LOL, you know how much I love Kraft!!


Belinda Howlett said...

OH gotta have some of the red pokka dot ones THEY ARE TOOOO CUTE. MOUTH is watering but cant tell if it is the cupcakes as I am on a diet or the spots as I want to scrap but my school workload is killing me.

Anonymous said...

Kraft ones now!!! what are you trying to do Yvette!!! get us all addicted to collecting journalling spots..... I love the look of the mini ones... very noice.

Lisa :)

Victoria said...

love the new journalling spots! and those cupcakes look delicious! nice to see you had fun with your sister

Mardi said...

Ohh Yvette.....the cupcakes look wonderful....little mouthfulls of goodness!
So glad you had such a wonderful weekend..
Mardi x

Shandell said...

I love the polka dots - very cute!!

Could you please post the cupcake recipe?!?! I have 2 nieces that would love them!

kathie said...

Oh what fun! Those little bitty cakes look fun. You'd need to eat a few at a time though, wouldn't you? lol.

Love your journaling spots. I'd love to have some on my layouts ;)

Nicole said...

wow your mini cup cakes are just cute. love all the pics of you devouring them. LOL

And I know I've said it before but your jouralling spots are fantastic.


tilly said...

Wow love those cupcakes Hi yvette I came by via my lovely girl Niella .Love your blog you girls look like you had a great time ,I know what you mean when you say your not a night time scrapper I love scrappin during the day lots more fun especially with really good friends..... lovely to be here .Jane

cherrytree said...

I make something similar to your wee cupcakes. I make tiny Christmas puddings.

Firstly I make a Chocolate crackle mix, with good chocolate rather than copha and cocoa.

Then I roll them into balls and dip them in white chocolate.

Finally I add little red and green lollies for the holly. There are a hit as gifts for teachers and neighbours, but are a bit fiddly.

So like you I only make them every few years.

I love your scrap style, by the way. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Kirsten N said...

All of your journalling spots are just gorgeous Yvette and I love the new kraft ones :)

jane fitchett said...

hi yvette
i love your journal tags, and have been meaning to get me some for a while now, love those cupcakes too. lucky you to get to scrap all weekend

parkergal17 said...

WOW love the cupcakes!! My DD thought they looked like icecreams.

Love your journalling spots they look awesome.

Ruth said...

scraping in at the last minute!!

Tam said...

How awesome {and delicious!!} do those cuppies look!!!! Nice!

The smaller journalling spots are so sweet....where do you find the time??????

Enjoy your week xxxx