Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spare room makeover

This was our spare room until yesterday......when I gave it a little makeover! I love this aqua, and the fabric on the wall is sooooo beautiful. I bought it at Spotlight and covered this canvas which I've been meaning to paint for about four years. Boy, covering it with fabric was soooo much quicker and looks fantastic! I love that we now have a VALANCE and you can't see what's under the bed! I got some fantastic bargains in the Target sale - $380 worth of linen (plus a dinner set) for $180. I was soooo stoked. I love a good bargain. :) I didn't make up the room till after mum and dad left so it will be fresh for our next visitors, which may very well be mum and dad again, lol. I know it's just bedlinen and a canvas but it makes me feel so much better!
I have put some more journalling spots in my etsy store. Five packs of each of these designs in lovely bright colours. You get twelve journalling spots for $3.50!


Belinda Venables said...

It's amazing what a little bit of new linen and a nice covered canvas can do isn't it!

The room looks really fresh now Yvette, just lovely!

I went to the bank to deposit some of my scrappy cheques today - so once they are cleared - I'm going shopping at your etst store! ;)


Belinda Venables said...

Oops - Etsy store. I wish you could edit comments! lol

Charlotte said...

I love the new look of your guest room! So fresh and bright, that blue is one of my fave colours :)
Looks great!
Maybe I can come try it out sometime soon ;)

Sheree said...

The makeover looks great Yvette! I love the canvas!!! Sounds like you grabbed some fantastic bargains on sale!

Sheree xx

Moi said...

Looks great Yvette! And so much sweeter when it's a bargain. :)

heyhoewarren said...

The room looks great Yvette. Hey, I just saw the Chatterbox callbacks - awesome news!
btw - I have given you an award.....go to my blog for the rules!